Interested in Joining the Emerald Business Partners?

Every business person knows that the best new business prospect is a referral: someone who's been told by a person whom they know and trust that you do good work.

Referrals and leads are the heart and soul of Emerald Business Partners. While members can often purchase products or services from one another, the main focus is on referrals to outsiders. In Emerald Business Partners your fellow members are an extended sales force, constantly thinking of you when they are dealing with friends, customers, vendors and whomever. In fact, most members carry the business cards of other members at all times.

So, when someone says "I need _________", the EBP member can say "I know somebody who does (or sells) that and I just happen to have their card handy". Everybody wins.

If your business could benefit from referrals and you would be willing to help non-competing business people build their sales in return, our group may be the right place for you.

In addition to referrals you'll get support and encouragement from a friendly and talented group of people.

Interested? Please contact us!

Download Membership Application - (PDF)